How to put together a Biscornu


'Biscornu' is originally a French word and it means irregular.

A Biscornu is a small ‘pillow’ that has a special shape, made by the particular way that the two
parts are sewn together.

Biscornus can be used as ornaments or pincushions. If a ribbon or cord is added, a Biscornu can
become a scissor fob or an ornament.

As you will find, a Biscornu is actually very easy to finish.

How to put together a Biscornu

1. Complete all cross-stitch and backstitching of the front and back of the biscornu- both must
be the same size square, in stitches (110h X 110w for instance).

2. Cut both pieces leaving approximately 1/4" to 1/2" of fabric from the sewing line on all sides.

3. Fold the edges along the sewing line towards the back of your stitching- you can use a fabric
iron, to press the folds.

4. Use a pin to mark the middle of the front side and the back side.

5. Thread your needle with two strands of floss, using the same color as the backstitching line.

6. Make a little knot and join the corner of the back piece with the middle of the folded edge on
the front piece.

7. Start assembling your biscornu by passing your needle through the backstitches of both parts from top to bottom in a sewing motion, using taut and tiny stitches (not too tight),
make sure to pick up the backstitches only.

8. Continue stitching all around, you will notice that your work is becoming tiny eight-sided

9. Stop stitching when you have completed the seventh side, leaving an opening for stuffing.

10. Stuff the biscornu, firmly, then continue stitching to close the open side. Pass your needle
inside the biscornu and secure your thread with a hidden knot, leaving no visible threads.

11. Choose two buttons of your choice. Sew a button in the center of front, then press the needle
through the center of the biscornu, and out the center of the back of the biscornu. Pass the
needle from button to button, several times, pulling the centers into each other.

12. Keeping the thread taut, knot the thread under the button, and the Biscornu is finished.

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