Orts Keep

Orts are the bits of threads that are trimmed off while doing needle work. Probably, at one time or another, you were caught with bits of threads hanging on your clothes, or left a colorful trail of them behind you.

If you have ever taken your needle work project with you to work on while traveling, gone to a
fellow stitcher’s home to stitch, or attended a group Get-ToGether, you will find the Orts Keep

The Orts Keep is a small cloth box, that sits near you for dropping Orts into, thus keeping them from
landing in your chair, on you lap, the floor, out of the carpet, and off your clothes.

When stitching is done, just fold the Orts Keep, and stow it in your project bag.

The Orts Keep is quick to stitch, and easy to sew together. Charts and full instructions are available.