Bobbin Jigs

The Bobbin Jig


The Bobbin Jig was invented over 25 years ago, for the express purpose of helping to wind floss onto paper or plastic bobbins.

No matter if you are winding one skein or 500, you will find that the winding goes much faster, smoother and more easily.

With the aide of the Bobbin Jig, and your cordless electric screwdriver, you will no longer suffer tiring or cramping of the fingers, wrist, hand or shoulder.

(cordless screwdriver sold separately)



The Floss Carosel

Nancy Barnhart, has invented a wonderful tool that goes wonderfully with the Bobbin Jig. It is a ‘carousel’. No longer do you need to pull the skein apart, before you can wind it to the bobbin.
Interested? Nancy’s email- Floss Carosel