August 17th

Sweetbriar Needle Design

August 17,

Dear stitchers,

this is just a reminder that beginning September 1st, the prices of Sweetbriar Needle Design
charts, both PDF and Printed, are going to be going back up to where they were last year.
PDF charts will go back to the price of $4.00 each, while Printed charts will go back to $7.00
each, and so far, there will still be free postage, in the USA.
We have had some increases that force us to take this step.
Sweetbriar still intends to keep prices as reasonably low, as it is possible, and we wish to thank
our loyal fans for sticking with us.

Preview something NEW for September!

A new design is nearly ready to be presented for September. It is a Strawberry Sampler &

Sure hope you like it.

Newsletter Sign-up and Contest

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The September Newsletter will be ready in a couple weeks, and the winner of the drawing will be
announced then.


Sweetbriar Needle Design