Thread Picks

The Thread Pick is a MUST HAVE for anyone who has ever had to pull out stitches on a needlework project.
Our Thread Picks are size #26 and #28 round tip needles, perfect for slipping under the stitch, and drawing the thread up without harming the fabric.

The handle is plastic, in fanciful shapes and colors, and various easy-to-hold sizes, making the needle so much easier to hold on to, and less apt to 'flip' out of your hand.

If by chance you did drop it, the colorful Thread Pick is easily found with your eyes and not your toes.

Each Thread Pick is Hand-Crafted and may be one of a kind.

If you are interested in purchasing a number of Thread Picks as gifts or handouts, or a quantity of the same theme, please contact us for availability, or any questions you may have.